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Leaked: Five Big New Features Coming to WhatsApp Soon

The world most used messaging app Whatsapp is getting new features soon. Some weeks back they added Quote in reply and am sure that a lot of the users are currently enjoying the feature. According to a fresh report which was leaked by German publication Macerkopf, new features were spotted in the WhatsApp for iOS beta:  Music Sharing, Larger Emojis, Mentions and Public Groups.

New WhatsApp Features: Music Sharing

WhatsApp currently allows users to share pictures, videos, files, contacts and links. Now they are adding Music sharing soon.The report states that users will be able to share music stored
locally as well as Apple Music tracks. The recipient will not only see a
music icon but also album art. Current ‘audio’ files sharing does not
have this functionality.We have no news on whether the music sharing feature will support other streaming services.

If the info in the report proves correct, the music sharing feature
will work only if both the sender and recipient are paying subscribers.

Larger Emoji’s 

Just like we already had in other messaging app like BBM and others, Whatsapp is working on making the mobile messaging app to have this features. the WhatsApp Beta team revealed that the emojis will be three times
bigger than the current ones, almost the same size introduced with iOS 10.


Mentions feature is one of the coolest feature whatsapp is unpleasing soon. Telegram already has this feature same as twitter too, so why should Whatsapp be lacking behind? Yeah, according to the report, Whatsapp will be bringing this feature to there messaging app soon. The mention feature will let’s you tag people in your address book within a chat.

Public Groups

Just like we already have in Telegram, Whatsapp is introducing Public Groups feature which will allow anyone with a link to
the group to post to it. But the power to shut down the group will be in
the admin’s hands.

Video Calling

Last week, Whatsapp announced of reaching over 100 million voice calls every single day – which is more than 1,100 calls per second.  With voice calls doing so well, They are also report that they are bringing the Video calling mode to Whatsapp soon.

Personally, I like the idea of Mentions and larger emojis features, can’t wait to see it soon. So guys, Which
features do you like the most?


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