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Facebook Added Soccer Game To Its Messenger App, See How To Use It

Do you still remember that “Secret basket ball game” added to Facebook Messenger during March madness? Yeah, I loved that game and the game ended up being popular, even though those that participated in playing it weren’t very good at it.

Yesterday, Facebook added another lovely game to its messaging app, this time is not Basketball but Soccer. The soccer game works almost like the basket ball game. To activate the Soccer game, Just send your friend or friends a soccer ball emoji. After you send it, tap on the emoji (if it’s anything like the basketball game, you might have to try a couple of times for it to work). Once you tap on it, the game will launch.

The game itself is easy to play, Just keep tapping the ball to “keep it in the air”, the more you tap the ball, the more points you will get. Your high score will be shared with the friend or friends
you’re playing within the Messenger. conversation.

Source: Facebook




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