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Awoof Yafun Yafun: How I Enjoy MTN 11.5GB For N1000


Am quite sure that some of you might already be heard about the latest MTN tariff in town which is MTN START PACK, Yeah, this tariff plan gives you 500% bonus on all your recharge within the range of 6 months. Like you recharging N100 airtime then they give you N500 bonus and more like that. On MTN STARTPACK tariff, you can’t transfer airtime just like MTN BetaTalk.

On this new tariff plan, there’s a hidden treasure in it which many of you haven’t discover. You might now wonder, What’s the hidden treasure? The hidden treasury is actually something big which you must not miss, lol. Do you know that on MTN STARTPACK 500%, you can get 11.5GB worth of data for just N1000? Haha, I know you are already smiling. Okay, let’s continue to the big deal.

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How I Enjoy MTN 11.5GB For N1000 On MTN STARTPACK 500% Bonus
Yes is simple but they are procedures which you have to follow, see them below:

  • First of all, You need to buy any new sim pack then get it registered and allow the sim to be activated before you start using.
  • Immediately the sim gets activated then you will receive Welcome message from MTN and they will also tell you to recharge with N100 airtime and you will give N500 bonus for data and call. Now proceed with recharging with N100 then you will give the N500 bonus.
  • The N500 bonus can be used for both calling and data purposed but you don’t need the calling aspect because if you used the bonus for calling then is going to affect the hidden treasury on the MTN STARTPACK.
  • The N500 bonus you received on N100 recharged will fetch you 1GB of data and your N100 will still be INTACT. Are you surprise? oh no, don’t be because is real. MTN is crazy, lol.
  • On every N100 recharged, You will be given N500 bonus and this N500 bonus will fetch you 1GB worth of data to browse and download files online. When browsing and downloading, check your balance with *556# and you will see that your N100 is smiling there then check your bonus balance with *559*17# and you will see that the browsing data is been charged from the bonus data. Note: The 500% bonus you airtime receive valid for 3 days.
  • Now, let say you recharged like 10 times with N100 then that means you already used 10GB worth of data and your N1000 will still be intact. So, since the tariff can’t transfer airtime then you can use the N1000 to activate MTN 1.5GB. Note: Don’t finish the N500 bonus before you top up another N100, You can recharge another N100 onces your bonus data reach N50 in other to avoid story that touches the heart. Lol
  • When you exhaust the 1.5GB you bought with N1000 then you can start loading another round of the N100 airtime and keep reaping the above method. Note: After 6 months you will stop receiving the bonus on your recharges and
    the system will automatically migrate you to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan.

Summary Of The MTN 11.5GB For N1000
1. Get new MTN STARTPACK sim
2. Register it and wait for it to activate
3. Recharged N100 and you will given N500 bonus to call and browse
4. Ignored using it for calling then use it only for browsing only.
5. N500 bonus will give you 1GB data
6. 10 times rechareged of N100 will give you 10GB data and your N1000 will be untouched
7. You can use the N1000 to later call or activated MTN 1.5GB for N1000
8. Keep doing this until 6 months complete because the 500% bonus stops after 6 Months.

This Package works on all devices with issues. Am currently posting this content via MTN 500% bonus.



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